London-based company Bird&Carrot (B&C), founded by creative director Alexandrina Markvo, specializes in theatre, music and visual arts events in Britain and beyond. B&C works on a wide spectrum of artistic projects involving not only world-famous performers, directors and artists from across the globe, but also those just starting out on their creative journeys. What the company values above all is the freedom of creative expression.
Its foremost objective is to create a space for the exchange of artistic ideas and unrestricted discussions.
Alexandrina Markvo
Founder and CEO of Bird&Carrot.
Prior to establishing B&C in London, Alexandrina had a diverse arts-related career, working at various times as a TV presenter, theatre producer, and organizer of contemporary art and literary events.

Alexandrina founded a number of creative and communication companies, curating and producing a number of ground-breaking cultural events, including:
  • Vivienne Westwood's show at Kazansky railway station;
  • Museum Night in Moscow – an annual international city-wide project attended by more than a million people;
  • Sir Norman Foster retrospective exhibition at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow;
  • The BookMarket – a Moscow multi-media open-air book festival hosting hundreds of talks and debates with authors from all over the globe;
  • Zemfira rock concert at the V&A Museum in London;
  • The Feast of Trimalchio and Inverso Mundus – multimedia installations for AES+F group (Venice Biennale).
    She has recently produced:
    • The Mother - piece of dance theatre (Southbank Centre).
    • Death and the Girl - multimedia theatre performance (Tabernacle Theatre).
    • Brodskiy/Baryshnikov (UK tour, Apollo Theatre).
    • Inside Pussy Riot - immersive theatre performance (Saatchi gallery).
    • AUKTYON band (Under the Bridge).
    • AQUARIUM band (Under the Bridge).
    • Dina Korzun's Star Child (Tabernacle Theatre).
    • Boris Grebenshchikov (Royal Geographical society).
    • Neschastniy Sluchai (Natural History Museum).
    • Carmen - ballet perfomance staring Natalia Osipova, Isaac Hernández (Southbank centre and EICC).
    • Orphey - musical performance staring Chulpan Khamatova (Theatre Royal Haymarket).
    • CACTUS - monologue play staring Renata Litvinova (Theatre Royal Haymarket).
    • Hand Luggage - dialogue between two authors - composer and poet staring Vera Polozkova (Clapham Grand).
    Upcoming events
    Vasya Oblomov
    Concert in Berlin - 28 June,
    London - 29 June

    Premiere in Tel Aviv - 6-7 July
    Gesher Theatre
    Past events
    A Musical Story of Love, Loss and Resilience
    Past projects
    • "Life is the sum of tiny movements," Brodsky says. And that is what Baryshnikov shows.
    • Shining light on the darkness is the best way to expose injustices

    • An opportunity to experience what it's like to have freedoms curtailed and spirits broken.
    • Osipova gives a fittingly intense performance.
    • He morphs from folklorique babushka to elegant rose gardener (in high heels) to slinky witch and prowly, snake-slithery lover – always a superbly dark force to Osipova's compellingly complex mosaic of emotions and movement styles.
    • Osipova excels at channelling the energy of martyrdom into her performance; she seems like someone constantly on the brink of giving up, but fighting against it with all her will.